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Our classes serve real estate professionals ready to give their business a technological edge.

About Real Estate Broker's AcademyThe Real Estate Broker’s Academy came out of Mark Saunders’ experience teaching fellow REALTORS® about ways to use technology in their business. He started holding classes in 2010 while serving as a member of the Young Professionals Network (YPN), a group within the Winston-Salem Realtor’s Association. The group was formed as a way for newer, younger members to connect with long-time members, and the free classes on technology were a great way to bridge that gap.

After teaching with the YPN, Mark saw a need for educating real estate agents on how to integrate the latest technology into their businesses and founded REB Academy. Today, our academy offers a variety of classes, both live and online. Our teachers also give presentations across the state of North Carolina at various conferences and training seminars.

Our classes cover a wide range of topics, from using Android devices effectively to implementing all things Google into your real estate business. Each covers essential information that is helpful to real estate in any area running a business of any size. Classes features a hands-on learning format, where students approach the topics and tools introduced from a point that helps them integrate them into their business right then and there.

At its core, REB Academy is all about helping real estate professionals succeed while navigating through the many diverse technological options at their disposal today. Contact us today for more information about upcoming classes and to reserve your spot!