7 Ways Technology is Transforming the Real Estate Industry as We Know It [infographic]

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How real estate searches, sales, and purchases are conducted is vastly different than even a decade ago, and swift changes within the industry continue to develop, thanks to the dominant presence of technology. At Real Estate Broker’s Academy, we have noticed several ways technology is transforming the real estate industry as we know it, and we are here to help you navigate these changes for better career success. Contact us today for more info!

7 Ways Technology is Transforming the Real Estate Industry as We Know It [infographic]

1.  Advanced searching capabilities—With so much substantial information housed on databases and websites, it is easier than ever for real estate agents and clients alike to refine their searches for homes and make informed purchasing decisions.

2.  Remote access to information—Whether checking comparable properties, selling a property, or simply documenting the condition of a property, chances are that you can react to inquiries, access information, and more without even entering your office.

3.  Simplified and shortened transaction times—With so much of transactional processes being done online and over various cloud-based programs, real estate agents can quickly and easily send and receive information from clients to move transactions along swiftly.

4.  Minimized reliance on office support—Several years ago, any real estate agent needed a reliable computer, fax machine, scanner, and printer to do business. Now, with the abundance of mobile apps and technology, the need for traditional office support has drastically decreased.

5.  Greater ease managing out-of-state transactions—Buying and selling real estate from faraway locations used to be much more problematic. Now, with so much information housed online, the reliability of conducting transactions via email and other applications, as well as virtual touring tools, buying and selling real estate from any location is a real possibility.

6.  Branding enhancement—With Facebook pages, Pinterest accounts, LinkedIn profiles, and other platforms being so readily available to real estate agents, those in the industry can use these platforms to connect with others and round out their brand.

7.  Improved access to virtual tours—Not only can buyers view pictures of properties online, but virtual reality capabilities also let buyers view properties from anywhere, anytime.