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If you were to sit down and interview a real estate broker about the real estate resources they utilize for success and continued learning, you might be surprised at the varying advice you’d receive. It might not surprise you that the exceptionally successful ones aren’t the ones who spend a few minutes here and there on continuing education; instead, they totally immerse themselves into actively learning. Here’s how an interview might go if you talked to a leading broker about real estate resources.

interview a real estate broker about the real estate resources

  • What do you attribute your success to? Staying on top of trends and technological real estate resources, namely being active online and on social media so that the public sees me as an expert in real estate and someone they can trust for answers.
  • How can you be so busy yet have time for learning? You have to develop a system that dedicates time to learning with the knowledge that if you don’t, you’ll soon fall behind and everyone else will jump ahead of you. My clients count on me to stick to a schedule, so having that trait is important. Putting learning on that schedule is quite natural, actually.
  • Why do you think it is important to keep learning? The real estate market is ever-changing, and if you don’t embrace that, you’ll soon find yourself to be antiquated. Picture an automobile with hand-crank windows or a comedienne with no fresh jokes, and you’ll get the picture.
  • Why is learning important as a broker even more so than as an agent? You have to lead by example, and your agents turn to you for support. If I don’t show them the advantage of utilizing real estate resources, they’re never going to do it for themselves.

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