Looking for Real Estate Speakers? Look
No Longer!

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There is so much more to being a real estate agent or REALTOR® than simply knowing how to navigate the paperwork of buying and selling properties! Real estate conferences everywhere are always looking for new ways to gain clients, find better ways of communication, and find the right work-life balance. Without the right real estate speakers at your real estate conferences, you might end up with nothing more than a lot of real estate agents who have all simultaneously lost their train of thought! If you are looking for real estate speakers, you need to look to Real Estate Broker’s Academy and our founder, Mark Saunders.

intelligent real estate speakers

Mark has many of the qualities that you are looking for in engaging and intelligent real estate speakers. Because of his experience, Mark is able to give valuable, pertinent information to your real estate agents that they can use to further their business dealings. He has a genuine desire to help people make the best of their agencies, which is part of what makes him such a compelling speaker.

In addition to his contagious excitement for real estate, Mark is one of the few real estate speakers who is also an innovator, entrepreneur and compelling speaker. When you have Mark as one of your real estate speakers, your real estate conferences will be far more productive and enjoyable.

If you are looking for real estate speakers and find yourself feeling frustrated and worried about how they will impact the conference, then worry no more and look no longer! Contact us at REB Academy about Mark Saunders for your real estate speaker of choice.