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We touch on technological topics at real estate seminars of all sizes.

Real Estate SeminarsYou have been to what feels like a hundred real estate seminars throughout the course of your real estate career, and few, if any, gave you direct skills you could apply from the offset. At Real Estate Broker’s Academy, we take a different approach when asked to speak at seminars – we inform our audience while helping them learn how to use new technology and tools that very day.

We speak at real estate seminars throughout North Carolina on a regular basis, and our focus is on real estate and technology. Today, technology has infiltrated every industry, real estate included, and it can be hard to keep up with changes when the tools and solutions used evolve at such a rapid pace. Our real estate seminars condense what you need to know into manageable, actionable steps you can take right then and there to improve your business.

From using Android devices to implementing Google forms, the classes we teach at real estate seminars cover a wide range of topics. If your association or brokerage wants to know about something specific at your next seminar, let us know! We would be happy to customize one of our courses to meet the needs of your organization.

Go paperless and take advantage of some of the latest advances in technology by taking one of our classes or booking us for your next seminar. Contact us at REB Academy today to find out more!